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uncertified Manticore

"I Guess this is where I would write something about myself... I'm Fourte, a freelance illustrator whose a sucker for sweet tea and enjoys a variety of card games on my spare time."

Terms of Service

  • You are purchasing a digital file.

  • You are commissioning me for my art. I will not conform to drawing in another artist style. Please review my past works to determine if I am the artist for you.

  • I begin work as soon as possible within my availability.

  • My current turnaround time 2-4 weeks after payment.

  • Commissions are not exclusively completed in the order of work queue.

  • You will receive one or multiple sketches, or thumbnails of your commission for approval via the Email you provided in the commission form. Once the sketch is approved after any revisions, an invoice for payment will be issued towards that same email. No further work will be done until payment is received.

  • A WIP of every core step (Sketch -> Line -> Color -> Render)will be provided for review with the exception of "Wing-its".

  • I primarily communicate through Email. Discord and Twitter messages are also an acceptable means of communication. If you wish to speak through these channels instead of email, please make note within your form submission or in response to an email notification.

  • When your Commission is reaching completion, you will receive another WIP for final edits and/or adjustments.

  • Any significant corrections outside of artist error will be charged. Price will vary based on the complexity of the edit(s).

  • At any point, you the commissioner may request for status updates.

  • I am allowed to refuse a commission if I feel I will not be able to produce the work in question accurately, due to its content, schedule, or work queue.

  • OC(s) that do not belong to you the commissioner, I am to assume you have permission from the owner or are gifting the art. I will not be held responsible for any conflicts of interest.

  • You, the commissioner are responsible in providing me accurate/current character references. If you do not have a character sheet, provide your best images that visually portray said character(s).

  • Detailed descriptions are acceptable if no character reference is available.

  • You must be +21 of age to commission NSFW content.

  • If you wish to be anonymous in the art description, please say so in the commission form when prompted for "username".

  • Commissioners that wish to have their drawing private will be charged an additional $15. A private commission will never be streamed nor will it be uploaded to any art or social media account.

  • My work is entirely digital. No physical goods will be shipped.

Terms of Use

  • Once complete, you will receive both an HD copy and a SD copy. All files will be in PNG by default.

  • You may upload the SD copy to your own galleries and/or social media accounts as long as I, the artist am credited.

  • You may use your commission for personal use (ie: phone or desktop backgrounds, user icon, profile banner image, printed poster, etc.) as long as no profit is gained.

  • You may not alter the original colors and/or line-art. Sketches are an exception.

  • You may not remove my signature/watermark without given permission.

  • I, the artist, do not claim rights of your character(s) or any licensed properties.

  • I, the artist, claim rights to the artwork produced.

  • I ,the artist, have the right to repurpose any artwork that is produced. This includes: sketches, cancelled commissions, and all finished works.

  • I, the artist, reserve the right to upload your commission on any accounts including subscription services such like Patreon, SubscribeStar, etc.

  • Commissions are not to be considered subscription service exclusives and will be available to the public.

  • If artwork is for your own subscription based service, I hold the right to submit to my own but will adhere to any release schedule and refrain from public posting. Include public release date in form description.

Will Draw

  • Human / Humanoid

  • Furry (feral / anthro)

  • Monsters

  • Any gender

  • Any Species

  • Fan Art

  • SFW & NSFW

  • Environments

Won't Draw

  • Macabre / Gore

  • Vore

  • Micro / Macro

  • Underaged characters depicted in NSFW content.

General Prices

Half Body$50$70$80
Full Body$70$90$110
Reference Sheet$160$200N/A

Reference sheets include: FRONT & BACK VIEW, HEAD, DETAILS/ACCESSORY

Additional characters will add 70% of Tier Price per character.

Detailed Background+$20 minimum
Alternate(s)+$10 minimum per
Private Commission+$15

Accepted Payment Methods

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  • By paying the invoice, you accept all terms and conditions.

  • Prices are in USD and taxed.

  • Payment plans are offered to commissions above $150.

  • A payment must be received with in 72hrs of invoice.

  • You may cancel your commission at any stage but will only receive a full refund if work has not gone past the sketching stage. Refunds will be issued thru the payment method used in this transaction.

  • Payment is non refundable once commission is completed.

Quick Examples



  • How do I say your alias and does it mean anything?
      "I get this one pretty often. Contrary to how it's spelled, it is not an acronym, nor is it the number 40. I was a member of my high-school choir when I came up with the username and in retrospect, I see the misunderstanding but it's actually pronounced forte."

  • How long have you been drawing?
      "I've always been drawing since I was a kid but I've been producing digital art starting as of 2012 when I bought my first drawing tablet."

  • Where did you learn to draw?
      "Even if we counted old online tutorials or getting help from fellow artist, I'm primarily self taught adapting and improving on my own. I did attend the occasional art class in public school but didn't have any formal training until 2022 when I began attending an art school to refine some of my technical skills."

  • Do you have any inspirations or favorite artist?
      "I was a huge fan of the Pok√©mon Trading card game and as a kid; I still am today, and I was always enamored by the many illustrations the game has had over the years. I spent a lot of time observing the work of these artist, and emulated their styles. This also served as a stepping stone towards drawing monsters and creatures"

  • What Tools do you use?
      "I use Paint Tool Sai2 and on a few occasions, Photoshop. I'm knowledgeable of most traditional materials (colored pencil, marker, watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal) but I use digital programs for the mass majority of my work."

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