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About Me

"I Guess this is where I would write something about myself... I'm Forte, a freelance artist whose a sucker for sweet tea and enjoys card games on my spare time."

Terms of Service

  • You are commissioning me for my art. I will not conform to drawing in another artist style. Please review my past works to determine if I am the artist for you.

  • I begin work as soon as possible within my availability.

  • My current turnaround time 2-4 weeks.

  • You will receive one or multiple sketches of your commission for approval via the Email you provided in the commission form. Once the sketch is approved after any revisions, a invoice for payment will be issued towards the same email. No further work will be done until payment is received.

  • A second WIP will be issued for review for Flat and shaded commissions.

  • Artistic Freedom tier commissions will not have WIPs for review.

  • I primarily communicate through Email. Discord and Twitter messages are also an acceptable means of communication.

  • When your Commission is reaching completion, you will receive a WIP for final edits.

  • At any point, you the commissioner may request for status updates.

  • I am allowed to refuse a commission if I feel I will not be able to produce the work in question accurately, due to its content, schedule, or work queue.

  • OC(s) that do not belong to you the commissioner, I am to assume you have permission from the owner or are gifting the art. I will not be held responsible for any conflicts of interest.

  • You, the commissioner are responsible in providing me accurate/current character references. If you do not have a character sheet, Provide your best images that visually portray said character(s).

  • Detailed descriptions are acceptable if no character reference is available.

  • You must be +18 of age to commission NSFW content.

  • If you wish to be anonymous in the art description, please say so in the commission form when prompted for "username/alias".

  • Commissioners that wish to have their drawing private will be charged an additional 30% of the total Price. A private commission will never be streamed nor will it be uploaded to any art account or social media account.

Terms of Use

  • Once complete, you will receive both an HD copy and a SD copy. All files will be in png by default.

  • You may upload the SD copy to your own galleries and/or social media accounts as long as I, the artist am credited. Linking back is not necessary, but appreciated.

  • You may use your commission for personal use (ie: phone or desktop backgrounds, user icon, profile banner image, printed poster, etc.) as long as no profit is gained.

  • You may not alter the original colors and/or line-art.

  • You may not remove my signature/watermark without given permission.

  • I, the artist, do not claim rights of your character(s) or any licensed properties.

  • I, the artist, claim rights to the artwork produced.

  • I ,the artist, have the right to repurpose any artwork that is produced. This includes: sketches, cancelled commissions, and all finished works.

  • I, the artist, reserve the right to upload your commission on any accounts including subscription services such like Patreon, Subscribestar, etc.

  • Commissions are not to be considered subscription service exclusives and will be available to the public.

  • If your commission is for your own subcription service, I hold the right to submit to my own but will adhere to any release schedule

Will Draw

  • Human / Humanoid

  • Furry (feral / anthro)

  • Any gender

  • Any Species

  • Fan Art

  • SFW & NSFW

Won't Draw

  • Macabre / Gore

  • Vore

  • Micro / Macro

  • Underaged characters depicted in NSFW content.

General Prices

Half Body$40$50$70
Full Body$50$70$90
Reference Sheet$70$90N/A

Additional characters will add 60% of Tier Price per character.

Detailed Background+$20 minimum
Alternate(s)+$10 per
Private Commission+30% of total

Accepted Payment Methods

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  • By paying the invoice, you accept all terms and conditions

  • Payment plans are offered to commissions above $150.

  • A payment must be received with in 72hrs of invoice.

  • You may cancel your commission at any stage but will only receive a full refund if your commission has not gone past the sketch stage. Refunds will be issued thru the payment method used in this transaction.

  • Payment is non refundable once commission is completed.

Quick Examples